Good Deals: 12 Stylish Shower Curtains

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Of all the things in my apartment, I think I change the shower curtain the most. It's so easy to make a standard white-tile bathroom look like a completely new, space just by swapping out the curtain for something completely different. Feeling Worldly? Pick our World Map Shower Curtain. Suddenly feeling kitschy? Zebra Print. Need some girly Glam? How about our Glamour Collection? Feeling like you want to get in touch with nature? Get the Grass or Tree of Life shower Curtain. If you have been looking to change or upgrade your bathroom, select a shower curtain as the starting point for new ideas. Check out the deals on these shower curtains available only on and see if any of them inspire you!

  1. World Map Shower Curtain - 72" x 72," for $17.99
  2. Zebra Stripes Shower Curtain Set, for 11.99
  3. Paris Chic Glamour Girl Fabric Shower Curtain Collection, for $10.05
  4. Grass PEVA Shower Curtain, for $13.95
  5. Tree of Life Fabric Shower Curtain Collection, for $21.55
  6. Helia PEVA Shower Curtain, for $18.95
  7. Flamenco Tiered Fabric Shower Curtain - 70" x 72," for 19.99
  8. White Ruffled Fabric Shower Curtain, for $17.50
  9. Blue/Black Cityscape Fabric Shower Curtain, for $17.74
  10. Black and White Cityscape Shower Curtain, for $14.98
  11. Our World Fabric Shower Curtain, for $17.74
  12. Under the Sea PEVA Shower Curtain, for $16.95

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